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Sidewalk Showcase Series

Come join our exciting outdoor student concert series: the Sidewalk Showcase Series! This exciting program is designed to give students real performing experience on a regular basis. The showcases are presented several times a year and feature different student line-ups and style formats. For example, some of our past shows have featured both large and small combos of musicians and singers performing together while other programs have focused on just one or two students, each performing their own private "mini-set". Solo vocalists, singer/songwriters, and solo instrumentalists have all "starred" in recent mini-set showcases. The style formats of some of our previous showcases have included classic rock, contemporary pop, alternative rock, blues, folk rock, progressive jazz, and rock-a-billy, as well as original music composed by the students themselves. The students' own ambitions are a key part in choosing the music for all of these shows.

Sidewalk Showcase - 1/19/13 2 Solo Showcases - 10/19/13 Sidewalk Showcase - 1/18/14 Sidewalk Showcase 5/16/15 Rock Jam! 2016 - 5/14/16